The staff of Seaproject consists of marine biologists and researchers, in close contact with universities and research centers, Italian and foreign, able to plan and carry out studies and research projects in the marine environment and provide support for ongoing projects. It ‘also able to provide assistance and tutoring for dissertations and three-year degree.

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In particular, the company aims for activities aimed at enhancing the development, protection and recovery of resources.


Seaproject, thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, acts in order to integrate different skills while maintaining an organic view of the environment and its protection even in the conduct of local interventions; Thanks to this approach, is particularly addressed to subjects such as public administration managers, Parks, Reserves and Marine Protected Areas..

IMG_0118Staff can make in particular advice such as:

  • Cetacean sighting and Monitoring
  • Environmental characterization
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cartography environmental
  • Monitoring and research for the definition of environmental quality
  • Environmental impact studies