The bases

Le Grazie

Our naval base is located within the bay of Le Grazie, a small, sheltered village in the municipality of Porto Venere, a stone’s throw from the Cinque Terre. The base is easily accessible by car or with a single bus directly to the center of La Spezia.
Being able to set sail from the Gulf of La Spezia, you can take the sea even in days with adverse weather and sail safely.
Seaproject also offers the convention with the Hotel of the Bay, for the accommodation, catering, any overnight on land, catering, and spaces for conventions or events, as well as parking at reasonable prices.

GPS coordinates 44.069164 ° N 9.836741 ° E

Punta Ala

Opposite the island of Elba, at the southern end of the Gulf of Follonica, is the marina of Punta Ala. Great for departures for weekends and weeks towards the Tuscan Archipelago, thirst islands individually where it is easy to navigate and find good cover. Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro are a few hours of sailing.

GPS coordinates 42.8 ° N 10.7333331 ° E

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