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Young sea

The project aims to “bring” to the Maritime Festival in 2011 a group of students of the middle schools of La Spezia with the necessary knowledge and awareness of living in an area where the work on the sea covers a large part of the working realities local..

Ulysses Project

Seaproject collaborates with the association “The Paper Ship” to Ulysses Project for the construction of the laboratories of seamanship and educational cruises. The project is organized by the City of La Spezia, Department Project “The City of Youth”, Councillor Donatella Ferrari, and as Promoter The Liguria Region – Department of Sport and Recreation.
The initiative is aimed at children between 15 and 20 years of high school in La Spezia who board to address a wonderful adventure: live and work together on a sailboat, sailing along the coast to discover our sea and sharing discoveries emotions.